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Village Food Tours

Join Us For A Leisurely Stroll In Historic Cocoa Village & Sample Some Of The Most DeliciousFoods That Florida Has To Offer

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Village Food Tour Facts

“What is a Food Tour?”

“What exactly is the purpose Village Food Tours?”

Those are the two questions we get asked the most.

Simply put it’s like a Pub Crawl but with food.

It’s what us and our friends in the Village like to call a Grub Crawl.

Still have questions? Awesome we LOVE to talk!

So let’s brake it down!

Our SUPER, awesomely, COOL customer will stop here on the Village Food Tours Site or call our offices (to avoid booking fees) and purchase/book your tour.
(Only $48 per person for lunch!)

Our Tours are from 4-12 people max. We want you to feel like you are eating with friends and family so we keep our tours small and personable.

Once your tour is booked all you have to do is show up hungry at the tours launch location. A majority of our tours launch from Myrt Tharpe Square Gazebo locate in Cocoa Village.

Myra Tharpe Square, Cocoa Village FL

Once at the launch location your professional highly trained( we eat allot) gastronomic guide will give you a run down of the area before we are off to feast.

You will then walk with our guide to a minimum of 4 different restaurants. At each restaurant you will sample some of the best food that each establishment has to offer. You will even get a chance to meet the staff that are responsible for these delicious creations.

When all is said and done, your belly will be full and your thirst for knowledge will be quenched.

We can’t wait to see you on a tour!

-Village Food Tours

Located in Historic Cocoa Village, Florida