MoonShine PBK: A New Plant-Based Dining Experience Shines in Cocoa Village

We are here today with Lauren and Christos Karaguovanis, eager to share the details of their newest venture in Cocoa Village: MoonShine PBK (Plant-Based Kitchen). This full-service vegan restaurant will be open seven days a week, serving beer, wine, kombucha, breakfast, lunch, and dinner right in the heart of the village.

Lauren and Christos in front of their food trailer

Lauren and Christos are no strangers to the restaurant industry. They have a rich history of offering exceptional plant-based options in Brevard County and Central Florida through their successful food truck, Puckered Up Vegan Eatery. Their farm-to-trailer eats promise, as they say, “Don’t taste like grass.” While we will circle back to their food truck, let’s dive into the exciting new addition to the Space Coast.

Starting with the name, MoonShine PBK, some might wonder why it’s called “MoonShine” when they don’t serve liquor. Lauren and Christos explained that the name has a special significance that ties their concept together beautifully.

A Candid Moment Between Lauren and Christos

Lauren shared the journey of how they got to this point, working multiple jobs and late nights. While she worked at the local restaurant Dixie Crossroads and Christos was employed by Publix, their paths often crossed only under the moonlight. Christos became her “Moonshine” as opposed to sunshine, fitting perfectly with the restaurant’s vibe. The building itself, renovated from an old alleyway, symbolizes the importance of both the moon and the sun in the growth of plants.

Lauren also delved into her southern roots and the historical context of the term “MoonShine,” which originally referred to the illicit distillation of spirits at night. She emphasized that moonlight brings beauty and life to the darkness, and this positive connotation is what they hope to reflect in MoonShine PBK.

As for what to expect at MoonShine PBK, it’s a plant-based kitchen catering to vegans and those who are vegan-curious. The restaurant will offer a rustic, homey vibe with an elevated dining experience, featuring wine, bubbly beverages, craft beers, and local Big Dog Kombucha. Their goal is to source locally, ensuring their menu reflects their commitment to equality, whether it’s human or animal.

MoonShine PBK plans to open by the end of July 2024, operating seven days a week with the following hours:

  • Sunday and Tuesday: 8 AM – 2 PM
  • Monday and Wednesday-Saturday: 8 AM – 9 PM
Lauren and Christos are Working tickets for customers on their food trailer.

Breakfast will be served from 8 AM to 11 AM, with lunch continuing through dinner time and a limited dinner menu presented by their enthusiastic kitchen staff. Lauren and Christos aim to hire young, excited individuals who are just starting their journey as professional chefs, rather than simply hiring cooks. They want to be available to the public every day, providing a full-service vegan option for those who need it.

In the future, we look forward to a video interview with Lauren and Christos to better capture their passion and dedication. Their hearts and commitment truly shine through in person, and they are dedicated to building a team that shares their love for food, the restaurant, and the customers they will serve.

As they transition to opening MoonShine PBK, they are temporarily pausing public events with their food trailer Pucker Up Vegan Eatery to ensure safety for their staff and the public. Running a food truck involves risks, including driving and working with gas while cooking, which can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Combined with the Florida heat during this time of year, they prefer not to put their staff at risk.

Lauren and Christos’s dedication to safety, quality, and their community is evident in every aspect of MoonShine PBK. We can’t wait to see this new venture flourish and bring a unique plant-based dining experience to Cocoa Village.