About Us

About Us.

Meet The Family Behind The Food Tour

We are just another family that grew up on and calls the Space Coast home. We have 4 amazing children and 2 pups. Prior to starting Village Food Tours we spent the past 15 years working at various family owned restaurants within Brevard County.

Family days, Eating & Cooking are our main passions but here is some info on us individually.

Halim (Dad)-

Enjoys reading comic books, his favorite series is Spawn and he continuously goes on about how “he read the walking dead before it was a “thing”. Collects whiskey. Enjoys binge watching tv shows, some of his favorites are Breaking Bad, Happy!, Mad Men, The Wire, Battle Star Galactica(the remake) & Dr. Who.

Jessica (Mom)-

Loves animals, horseback riding, ATVing, mudding, the beach, and “attempting” to play video games with her kids. She is the biggest kid of us all and first one to jump on the bounce house, go down the water slide and start a game of tag. Although not a musician she loves music and admires the talent that human beings are capable of.

The Boys (The reason mom and dad work so hard)

We have four of them and they are all different, unique and amazing children. We do our best to give them all the tools necessary to make it in this world. They enjoy Video Games, Nerf Gun Wars, The beach and helping mom and dad cook.

The Pups (Booker & Jasper)-

These awesome pups just joined our family and they are amazing. We recently lost two dogs, one to age and one to cancer within months of each other. After taking in 3 rescue dogs that where not a fit for our family. With each rescue that did not work our hearts ached more & more. So we decided the best option for our family was getting puppies. They where pulled out of a very bad situation and can still be considered “rescue dogs”. They have been a blessing and became a perfect fit for our family.

Well that’s enough about us, we want to know more about you. Book a Tour and let us get to know you in person. Getting to meet new people from all over the world & becoming friends with those people is what we love most about what we do.


Thank you for reading our story and we look forward to meeting you

Halim & Jessica Urban