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Sunday May 10th 2020

Order you mother's day food tour to go Featuring

Ossorios Snug Pub Keep it local brevard thai thai village

Starting at $25 a person choose from 3 menus 


Seaweed Salad

Summer Vegetable Soup

Veggie Linguine In Whiskey Cream Sauce 

Fruit Cup


Yum Nua(Thai Beef Salad)

Summer Vegetable Soup

Chicken Linguine In Whiskey Cream Sauce

Fruit Parfait


Spicy Krab Salad

Summer Vegetable Soup

Shrimp & Mussels over linguine in a whiskey cream sauce

Fruit Parfait

Still want to experience the flavor of your favorite village?

Support Your Local Restaurants

Virtual Cocoa Village Tours Available Wednesday-Saturday

Starting at only $25 a Person 

Pay Online

Pick up your food tour pack with CURBSIDE PICK UP

Join The Virtual Chatroom With A Chance To Speak With The Restaurant Staff

$40 for a one person tour

$60 for a two person tour

$100 for a 4 person tour 

Included In Your Online Food Tour Pack 

  • 4 Dishes Chosen By Each Of Your Individual Chefs Just For Your Tour
  • Link To Join The Village Food Tours Town Hall Live Discussion (Starts 30 Minutes after your pick up)
  • Get A Chance To Have A Chat With The Awesome Folks Behind The Dishes In Front Of You.

Most Asked Questions

When do tour sales end?

You can purchase your tour up until 4 hours before the start time. 

What Restaurants Are Included In My Tour? 

It varies from tour to tour, part of the fun is the surprise. We will typically announce that restaurants

Where Can  Pick Up My Tour?

After booking your tour you will receive an email with the exact address, its typically one of the featured restaurants.

How much food is included in a tour?


but on a serious note the equivalent of 2.5 meals

How can I tip?

When you book their is an option to add a tip amount, the tip will be divided amongst the businesses featured on the tour. 

What time is the tour?

You can pick up your tour from 4:10 PM -4:30 PM

Our live chat with the Chefs & Owners starts at 5:00 PM and ends at 5:40 PM

check out pictures from our past virtual tours.

Live feed will be available online via Zoom and possibly  Facebook live.

Access Zoom online at Zoom.Us

Download Zoom  for Android 


Download Zoom for Apple