Orleans Bar & Grill

Orleans Bar & Grill

Halim and Family took a trip to Titusville, Fl to check out Orleans Bistro & Bar.  Located right by the Indian river they offer a full bar a & Cajun themed menu selection. When we filmed this video the state of Florida had just recently re-shut the bars down due to COVID-19. All of the extremely friendly staff were wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing. They also had a limited seating at only 25% of the restaurant available to be sat at. 

We chose to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. We ordered the 2 lb Louisiana Crawfish Boil, Seasoned whole crawfish steamed and served with potatoes,  for….. Get this? ONLY $24.99!

This was an awesome meal and I’m tempted to come back and be a piggy and order it to myself Lol, but the 1lb portion is probably more than enough. 

 This was some of the best Crawfish I have ever tasted, I’ve only tried Crawfish several times and don’t normally suck the heads. Every time its been kind of a funky taste, this time was not the case. It was rich and tasty as can be. I did have a friend comment on a Facebook post about this that every time they have been they over salted the boil for the crawfish. I’m curious to know if this is the case and why the change in flavor.  

We also got some mussels in a garlic sauce and peel and eat shrimp, these were tasty but in my opinion, nothing to brag about. The gator bites (Disappointed I didn’t get a picture just video) were some of the most tender gator I have ever had. The meat was cut in thin strips as opposed to the typical chunks that most use making it easier to chew. 

For the little foodies, they got the usual fair of tenders grilled cheese, and a surprisingly good mac & cheese. We are assuming this is the same mac that you would get as an adult. Each item comes with a side and mac and cheese is an option for all along with things like fried okra. Typical of the kids they would rather play than eat, considering we normally eat out in the afternoon to avoid the crowds we can’t blame them for not being hungry and wanting to play. I did, however, take some crawfish meat and mix it with the Mac & Cheese later that evening though, and Crawfish Mac & Cheese should be on every menu!

If you are in the Titusville area and craving some cajun give Orleans Bistro & Bar a try.  An enjoyable environment with outside seating available, full bar, drinks, music, and entertainment. If you are in the Brevard County Area and can’t decide on where to eat be sure to join us on a food tour. Experience several restaurants in one evening and make your date night count. 

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