Daily Walking Tours Of Cocoa Village

The First Daily Walking Tour In Cocoa Village?

Learning the story behind the restaurants on our food tours has always been a passion of mine. I admit when I started  Village Food Tours I was just focused on the food and the story behind the food. 

I quickly learned that in order to tell the whole story about the food I also had to tell the story about the Space Coast.

If you have ever been on one of our food tours, or even just hung out with me you know that I am passionate about all the history and fun facts about Cocoa Village. 

I am so passionate about it that I want to show you and tell you the story without the food. 


No FOOD you say?

Yes, I said no food, just a walking tour, not necessarily a history tour more of cool facts, fun for all ages, quick stroll getting to know the area and hanging out with friends both new and old type of experience. 

So if you want to join me for a stroll in Cocoa Village you can click the book now button below.

On Monday December 13, 2021 at 11:00 AM are hosting a free tour.

$18 for Adults

$12 for Children (4-12)

Free for Little Ones 

I am aiming to keep the tour 1 hour but it may run over as we work out the kinks. 

Here is the live Calendar to look at

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