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  1. a pub that specializes in serving high-quality food.
    “Responsibly sourced, made from scratch, chef-curated menu of elevated pub-style food and a full bar with innovative craft cocktails as well as a rotating selection of locally and nationally brewed beers.”

Date night! It’s rare but it does happen ever so often. On this once in awhile date night, we chose to join our friends at 28 North Gastropub. This eclectic eatery is a gem in Brevard County, Fl.  The set up inside this place is awesome. As soon as you walk through the doors you have an open viewing area of the kitchen. This is always a good sign as transparency in cleanliness is a good thing. 

The best way to describe the restaurant decore is how I would imagine a fine dining restaurant to look in a steampunk anime. Pipes hanging from the ceilings, modern yet rustic decor with artwork including a giant octopus mural painted by a local artist. 

We had reservations with a group of friends so did not have to wait and were sat immediately. Being an environmentally responsible local sourced restaurant makes the menu just that much better. From the drink menu to the full menu I wish I had not only the funds to order the whole menu but also the ability to consume it.  

 The drink menu is amazing, I’m a huge fan of fine spirits and craft cocktails. While dining we saw numerous bountiful drinks going by us to other tables. I tried two drinks, 

The Tribeca-

Redemption Rum Cask Finish Rye Whiskey, Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum, Herring Cherry Liqueur, Orange Bitters.

This being the first drink of the day it definitely packed a punch, but flavorful and you really taste all of the different alcoholic parts separately yet they blended perfectly. 

And the 

Tequila Mockingbird

Tres Agaves Blanco Tequila, Lemon, Lime, Desert Pear,Hellfire Habanero Shrub, Jalapeño

This was my favorite out of the two. It had a nice spicy kick yet it wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy as I would expect. Better ingredients meant I got to enjoy some spice in a cocktail without the heartburn that normal sugary mixers give me. 

We started off with several items as appetizers, Crispy Brussels, Charcuterie Board, Bone Marrow, Crispy Octopus “Hot Dog”

Charcuterie Board 

Cured meats, house marinated pickles, pickled shallots & Carrots, spreads of dijon seeded mustard, pomegranate orange jam, Tribecca Oven baguette and we added the beef tartare and their amazing house-made truffle ricotta cheese.  Everything was great but the ricotta cheese was mind-blowingly good. 

Bone Marrow –

The bone marrow was amazing, we use it like butter on our bread, just amazingly good melty gooey bone morrow goodness. It also came with the house dijon mustard, tartare and the Tribecca baguette

Crispy Octopus “Hot Dog”

This was definitely unique and not something I would have never thought to order nor even ever of contemplated cooked. Yes, an octopus in a bun… Now even though I was skeptical this was awesome. They dust the octopus in cornmeal I believe, before flash fringing it to get it crispy on the outside. I’m always down to try new things and this definitely took it to the next level of uniqueness. 

For our main dishes, we had the Bistro Filet, Cast Iron Fish and one of our fellow diners went with the Chefs Cut of Steak. 

Cast Iron Fish –

Fresh catch (it was Mahi when we visited), house blackening, chorizo sweet potato hash,avocado cream, corn & crab salsa. This tasty dish was a delicious dish and surprisingly heavy which I didn’t expect with a fish dish.

Bistro Filet

(truffled gouda mashed potatoes, roasted mushrooms, truffle vinaigrette,

lemon butter, peas & asparagus.

This was my favorite dish, the meat was cooked to perfections. They sous-vide the filet then sear it to the order, the roasted mushrooms paired perfectly with the mashed potatoes. As elegant of a dish, this was it really gave me that home-cooked comfort food feeling. 

Chef’s Cuts –

chef’s choice, roasted potatoes, smoked salt.

Order by our friends dining and it just looked amazing, everyone else in our party order either the Bistro Filet or the Fresh catch like us. Good thing we all shared a bunch of appetizers so still got to sample a large variety of the menu.

The service from start to finish was absolutely amazing. Our drinks never went empty, the staff answered every question and described every dish in exquisite detail. Extremely friendly and welcoming as well with smiles that made you feel like you were amongst friends with the staff. 

I highly recommend that if you are looking for a higher-end date night out and in the Viera area this is the place to go. 

28 North Gastro Pub is located at

2250 Town Center Ave #101, Melbourne, FL 32940

Saturday 12–11 PM

Sunday     11 AM–8 PM

Monday 4–9 PM

Tuesday 4–9PM

Wednesday 4–9PM

Thursday 4–9PM

Friday         4–11PM

 (321) 241-1159

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