Cocoa Beach Vacation



  1. an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.



  1. an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is an awesome area to visit. From staying for a weekend or just to take a day trip visiting one of the closest beaches to not just Disney but, Orlando and even Universal Studios! 

Cocoa Beach is located in Brevard County Florida, also know as the Space Coast. It’s neighbor Cape Canaveral is home to Nasa and you can frequently watch launches and see rockets sent into space. It is approximately 50 minutes east of Orlando and really easy to get to by just heading east on 528. 

If you are planning on staying in the area overnight you can find tons of great Airbnb’s to stay in.  Check out some places to stay on this map.

Things to do in the area are near limitless. From nature and water tours like what Space Coast Eco Tours offers and Kaying adventures, watching the sunset and seeing dolphins & manatees. You can also enjoy a food tour with Village Food Tours and get to know not only about all the restaurants but the history of the area as well.

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Don’t have time for a food tour? Check out these restaurant lists we put together for the area.

A Guide To Dinning In Cocoa Village

Dinning In Cocoa Beach

Dinning In Cape Canaveral

Brevard County Zoo

One of the great things to do with a family as a local or visitor is to go to the the Brevard Zoo. Even if traveling from Orlando just on the weekend it is worth getting a family pass. They are only about $150 for the entire family. 

The Zoo has Giant Otters, Kangaroos and Giraffes just to name a few of the cool animals. They have some surprisingly amazing food, an awesome splash area and petting zoo. We usually spend about 4 hours here and that seems to be a good amount of time. For a one time/first time visitor I would recommend planning a whole day to explore it all. Also, keep in mind this isn’t setting time aside for the ziplining (yes you get to zip line over the animals 😻) you can also go Kayaking at the Zoo as well. 

Historic Cocoa Village

Historic Cocoa Village is a great place to take a stroll for a day or afternoon, and we put together a complete guide to the area here in the Video.

Port Canaveral

You can also explore Port Canaveral, and get fresh local seafood directly off the boats to your plate. Before or after filling up on fresh seafood you can take a stroll through the exploration tower and view the entire area and even see the space center from the top of it! 

Downtown Cocoa Beach is also a great area to explore, with a walking interactive 3D art tour, as well as a number of amazing restaurants like the Tiny Turtle, Fat Donkey and more(see list of cocoa beach restaurants here) 

Of course if you are just visiting to spend time at the beach and distance yourself from everyone else the grocery options are Publix 2 locations are in Cocoa Beach and Walmart (On Merritt Island about 15 minutes west of Cocoa Beach)  Walmart offers pick up and delivery and publix offers the service through instacart (use code to save). 

Cocoa Beach is a family-friendly area as well as a great area to escape for a kid free vacation. Convintley located close to the theme parks with way less traffic and hustle and bustle of the city. A place to sit on the beach and be a part of history a you watch astronauts being sent to space. 

There are several areas to watch the launches, now before I go into detail I’m wording this with caution no launch is guaranteed. So plan to see it but don’t get your hopes up too much and just make sure to have a great time if it gets scrubbed. 

You can see the launches by getting tickets through the Kennedy Space Center and going as close to the launch pads as possible. You can also view the launches from as far as Orlando (if the sky are perfectly clear) But if not typically as far north and south as brevard county stretches you can view the launches and hear the sonic boom. We had a chance to watch one on a tour with space coast eco tours and it was breathtaking. 

Night Launch Viewed From The Water With Space Coast Eco Tours

Fishing is also a popular activity, along the inter coastal water way where you can doc in Cocoa Village

As well as leaving out of the Port to go offshore fishing. Florida and specifically the area is known to be a fisherman’s heaven. So if you ever want to send the guys out and enjoy a day at the spa that is an awesome option as well.

Have you been to Cocoa Beach? Or are you planning a trip this way? Let us know in the comments below we would love to hear about your adventure! 

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