Birria Tacos

Birria Tacos Made By Chef Moe At Rock The Guac In The Mall in Merritt Island Florida.

Birria (Spanish: “birja” ) is a Mexican dish from the state of Jalisco. The dish is a meat stew traditionally made from goat meat but occasionally made from beef or mutton. 

Gooey Cheese, Tender, Melt In Your Mouth Juicy Meat, With a Soupy Savoury, Oily Dipping consommé

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No just kidding, 

I mean just look at these Quesabirria Tacos,

you know you don’t even need to read a review. Proceed with caution unless you aren’t worried about hunger-striking into this post.

Over the past few months, I think since around right before the pandemic I have been seeing Birria Tacos on Instagram and YouTube. It seemed it was all the rage and trending on every social media platform, as always Brevard County is a bit behind on trends, specifically when it comes to the food scene. Well, finally the Space Coast is Blasting off with Birria!

So this is the second step of my journey to taste find the best Birria! The very first time was making it at home which I will post the recipe for if anyone shows interest, and who knows I might just make a video too. 

This round of Birria, I took a trip to the Merritt Island Mall and stopped at Rock the Guac, which was featuring Chef Moe’s Birria Taco Special. In addition to the Birria tacos, they also had Elote (Street Corn) which I was able to try, the also had the Pizzadilla but no way I was going to tackle that beast of a dish.

Birra is made by blending roasted peppers, like ancho, and guajillo chilies as well as some spices into a past, you then marinate meat in the paste. After it is marinated you then slow cook it all day in a pot simmering. Once it is finished cooking it’s shredded and then you could eat it as is like a soup. Add some cilantro, onions, and a squeeze of lime and it is perfection.

Now combine this dish with tortillas and cheese you have created a quesadilla type taco that is mind-blowing. So after the first process, you have an oily broth that’s created from the meat simmering in the chilies and spices. It’s also called a consommé. The consommé is used for both making the tacos and as a dipping broth.

To make them you dip the tortilla in the consommé throw it on the flat top or pan if you are at home, then top it with the meat and cheese, pour the consommé over it fold and flip until the desired meltiness. Then they are ready to be eaten. 

Chef Moe’s tacos are absolutely out of this word and you can see my full review here in this youtube video. 

I saved some for my wife and they even reheated well. The street corn is the second favorite I have ever had next to Tapa N Tacos. The depth of flavor in this type of taco is so good, due to the fact of the fatty juices that make this dish it leaves you with savory umami feel that has you craving more and more. 

I look forward to checking out Chef more again as well as checking out several other places that have birria. From what I have found in Brevard County there are several which I will list below that I am on a journey to try. After that, I will probably head out to Orlando to see who has the best birria tacos west of the Space Coast. 

Have you had birria tacos before? Please let me know if you have in the comments!!!! 

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