Pareidolia Brewing Company Food & Beer Pairing

Pareidolia Brewing Company Food & Beer Pairing
Rising TIde

The awesome people behind this event

Rising Tide is one of our favorite restaurants in Port Canaveral when we heard that they were teaming up with Pariedilla brewery we had to jump on the opportunity. For those that haven’t been Rising Tide tap & table sits lakefront in Port Canaveral directly across from Exploration Tower. They offer 60 beers on tap with several locally brewed Florida beers. The menu ranges from gourmet burgers and flatbreads to mouthwatering steaks, burgers, and salads.

Pareidolia Brewery is based out of Sebastian Fl. The owner’s originally from California moved to the area in 2014 and started their dream. The definition of pareidolia is the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern, for example, seeing animal’s or messages in clouds. They make some amazing crisp, clean tasting awesome beer

The Food & Beer Pairing

 The Food & Beer pairing that these two put together was astonishing. Executive Chef, Jeff Kainz pulled out all the stops on these dishes. We were blown away every dish paired perfectly and flowed from course to course. We love food and beverage pairings, the blending of food and drink to create a piece of art that pleases all of the senses.


Paired w/New Trick Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Iron Seared Key West Shrimp / Black Pepper-Pooch Panna Cotta
Raspberry Balsamic Drops / Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese
Crusty Baguette / Micro Basil


Paired w/ 32958 Hazy IPA

Pan-Fried Chicken Skin Wrapped Monkfish/ Riced Cauliflower Risotto
Wild Asparagus / Tiny Peppers / Cara Cara Citrus Miso Broth
Pickled Shimeji Mushroom/ Crispy Sunchoke / Bitter Mikros


Paired With Far Into Red American Red Ale

Cherry Wood Smoked Duck Breast/ BBQ Blueberry Salsa
Caraway-Corn Navajo Bread/ Burnt Carrot Barley Porridge / Blue Corn Flowers



Paired w/ Melting Pot Mexican Stout

Stout Braised Beef Sort Rib/ Pine Rosin Sweet Potato/
Charred Yellow Wax Been Salad/ Burnt Habanero Cocoa Caramel/ Potato Glass /Micro Cinnamon


Paired w/ Slow Paddle Porter

Coconut Pavlova / Cocoa Krispie Mousse
Porter Lace / Smoked Fudge Schmear

Overall everything was amazing!!!! We will definitely be checking out any and all future pairing hosted by Rising Tide, as well as plan a trip to Pareidolia Brewing Co.

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