Brevard County Food Tours

The First Brevard County Food Tour

Having started in Cocoa Village, once Village Food Tours began expanding to Cocoa Beach & Port Canaveral the demand for transportation to be able to provide tours between the the areas was high. 

This is the story of Village Food Tours very first Brevard County Food Tour! 

This was a culinary experience of epic proportions(and portions) and a fun time for all.
The tour started at the Snug pub eatery and more. The guests were able to enjoy one of the food tour favorites, muscles in a whiskey cream sauce over linguini.
Have you ever gone to Carabas and had the mussels in white wine sauce?
If you have…. think of that dish over perfectly cooked pasta and with the flavor and yummines multiplied by 10!

Once we finished up with that tour we were on the bus to Port Canaveral. On the drive, we discussed some history of the area. After a quick drive, we arrived at our second destination Junkanoo Island Kitchen and rum bar

Junkanoo Island Kitchen and Rum Bar

 Our server Nick was spot on with his service!
Our Instagram contest winner enjoyed a rum bucket thanks to having the drink package. This is one heck of a drink! And one of our favorites but let’s keep that on the hush-hush.

Our last tour we had Junkanoos trial shrimp taco for Taco Tuesday which was extremely well received. So when they asked what we recommend to be featured on the tour we suggested the Jerk Chicken Tacos! Holy deliciousness! Like for real fantastic our favorite at Junkanoo is the Jerk Chicken Nachos and this took it to another level, and the chips and fresh-made salsa was perfectly blended but not overly done, and you could taste the fresh acidity.

Fishlips Water Front Bar & Grill

Once we finished up at that stop we headed to Fishlips. A long-time favorite of his locals with just a little over 500 hundred seats. We took a seat at the bar where we were poured sampled of the Fishlips exclusive beer.
Once everyone was situated we watched a parade of baskets being marched out of the kitchen and dispersed amongst guests.

Anticipation and excitement was a real feeling as we all wondered what was in the baskets. Then Boom baskets were opened and street corn dip and delectable shrimp.
The dip was out of this world crazy good. A special for football season being Fishlips is a perfect spot to watch a game.
Once finished we headed off to

Rising Tide Tap & Table

 to have our Fish and Tots, fish perfectly fried in tempura batter with a house-made dill tartar sauce with tots seasoned and crisped to perfection.

REC 225

Now normally tours are 4 stops but being our first tour we overdid it at 5 not bad just that we were already in a food coma. We were still able to demolish our next stop dish, grilled fluffernutter sandwiches 😍 the perfect sweet treat thanks to Rec 225
Overall a fantastic time and great foundation for the traveling tours of Brevard County.

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