Things to do on the Space Coast

1- Go on a food tour

What better way to experience the local flavor of Brevard County. Also known as the Space Coast. Book a food tour, with the original food tour of the Space Coast. At 73 miles long Brevard county is the longest in the nation. Make the most of your time and book a food tour and eat like a local. 

2- Watch a rocket or space shuttle launch!

They don’t call it the “space coast” just for any reason. Brevard County has even changed its area code to 321 as a tribute to being where they count down to the rockets go off.

3 - Go to the beach

If you are visiting Florida you are pretty much obligated to go to the beach. Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Beach &  More are have all been ranked as some of the best beaches in the world

4 - Bioluminescent Kayaking

Seriously how cool is this!? Imagine paddling through glowing water, and being able to see dolphins and manatees within inches of you. That’s what you have the opportunity of doing while visiting the Space Coast.

5 - Visit Port Canaveral

One of the busiest cruise ports in the world. Nearly 5 million guests embark on cruise vacations a year. Known for fresh seafood this is a gem of florida for dining and cruising.

6 -Go to the zoo

One of Central Florida’s top-rated experiences the Brevard Zoo not only family-friendly the organization is a huge contributor to restoring Florida’s waters ways. 

7 - Historic Cocoa Village

Established in the late 1800’s Cocoa Village is Brevard County’s Premier historic district. With close to 200 hundred shops and restaurants, it is the Space Coasts’ hidden gem. Frequented by more locals than tourists it is a true treasure of the area. 

8 - Downtown Cocoa Beach

Laid back, chill, sun & fun is what the beach life is about. With over 40 culinary gems and artistic masterpieces covering the entire area, Downtown Cocoa Beach is a must-visit.

9 - Cocoa beach pier

Stroll along the cocoa beach pier, from dining to fishing the options are near limitless

10 - Ron Jon Surf Shop

World Famous Ron Jon Surf Shop is a highly rated experience for those visiting the area

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