Cocoa Village Brewer’s Bash

Florida's Premier Craft Beer Festival!

2022 Brewers Bash

Cocoa Village Brewers Bash Now an annual event with over 50 breweries! 

After the first successful bash (see details below the 2022 Gallery) it has continued to get better each and every year. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures that I was able to take at the 3rd annual Bash.

On Saturday, February 29th Cocoa Village Street PutVery first Brewers Bash in the village. Featuring over 20 brewers from all over central Florida. One of the most epic events we have seen in the village so far. 

Brewers Bash Sample Mug Picture With Sunset in the background

One of the most well organized Events we have attended!

 Put together  by Dirty Oar Beer Co. &  Cocoa Village Main Street the event was a huge hit and fun was had by all that could make it.

With well over 700 craft beer enthusiasts it was a well organized event, and the kegs did not run dry. Tickets where $40 each and gave you unlimited tasting to all participating breweries. They even gave you a cool cocoa village souvenir mug for your samples. 

A Beautiful Day In Cocoa Village, And An even better day for a beer

On top of just being well thought out, mother nature made the weather perfect. Hot Pink did an awesome show through the entire 5 hours event.

Bearded Chef Food Truck At The Brewers Bash
Hot Pink The Band On Stage At The Cocoa Village Brewers Bash

Half a dozen food truck faves of ours showed including the bearded chef and the Webber grill.

Being such a huge success we are already anticipating and looking forward to next year’s event. Which is already scheduled the Saturday right before Valentine’s Day in 2021!

If you haven’t already check out the video above  that we put together of the awesome event, and share it if you feel inclined. Also make sure to subscribe to stay tuned  for next year info on next year’s bash.

Oh yeah and of course giveaways like the one we did with Florida Travel Girl that 👇


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