Eating The Best Mexican Food on Merritt Island, Florida

Mi Mexico Lindo

477 N Courtenay Pkwy, Merritt Island, FL 32953

Could you survive without Tacos??

Mi Mexico Lindo is located off of Courtney Parkway across the street from the Donut Shop and in the same plaza as Wabi Sabi. I used to work with one of the owners at Pacific RIm Sushi & Thai Fusion restaurant. After visiting the first time I kept on seeing the owners post on their Facebook pages and really wanted to give them a visit again.

Birria Tacos At Mi Mexico Lindo

I was excited because not only does all of the food they post look amazing they added birria tacos to the menu. For anyone of you that follow me you know I Love! And I mean LOOOOVE You can check out previous videos and blog posts I have done about all that is yummy in birria here.

Birria Tacos Blog Post

After anticipating all this deliciousness I was ecstatic when I was invited to shoot some video for the Village Food Tours YouTube Channel. I arrived right when they opened at 10:30 AM, which is surprising as most restaurants in the area typically open at 11 AM, but I am not complaining about having the chance to film earlier.

Once there the kitchen crew got to cooking up a feast for me! Being there in the morning time they also had some prep going and getting other dishes ready for customers coming in. They had pots full of delicious meats bubbling and boiling. The smells blew me away as the aromas of Mexican food overwhelmed my senses.

They started off cooking the Birria tacos, while doing that they started to make a Torta. The sizzling from the birria tacos being made was music to my ears. They also started cooking The Mexico Lindo fajita which is a mixture of Shrimp, Steak Chicken and bell peppers. The Torta was stacked and cut beautifully. I have to say at this point I was a little overwhelmed.

Not just the sensory overload but the fact that I was not expecting them to make this many dishes! They also started making a Chili Relleno and then even more TACOS!!! I am not complaining by any means and having 4 kids our leftovers from making videos always get eaten. Its just you can only physically eat and enjoy so much food in one sitting. And I am by new means a competitive eater like Randy Santel or Joey Chesnut.

They finished cooking the Shrimp Chicken and Steak in a pan then transferred it to the fajita skillet. Once on the skillet they then topped it with cheese and this got me salivating and excited! They also made some Flan and Churros for me and some drinks which included a Jaritos, A Mango drink, and a Red Horchata.

Caramel Filled Churros

Because I was filming I dug into the desserts first, don’t judge me I do what I want! Seriously though I have to eat the desserts first when filming since you know they get all melty. I started with the flan, it was rich creamy, and smooth.


I then had the Churros these were absolutely amazing! They were stuffed with caramel and I was not expecting this at all! I am all about happy tasty surprises like this!

After trying the desserts I tried the red horchata, it was very tasty and refreshing. It had hints of herbs and was like a thick tea, on the sweet side but not over baring as you would get from a southern sweet tea. Very enjoyable drink and I will definitely have one again.

Next up was the birria tacos, these bad boys were yummy! One thing I liked is they used the bigger chunks of beef. When you bite in you get a more meaty and firm bit than you typically get with birria tacos. The consume was nice and fatty, with chunks of meat in it as well as a bonus. Also topped with cilantro. The only downside was the onions cooked in with the tacos were a little underdone.

Next up I tried an assortment of tacos, all of which were awesome! And the horchata washed it all down perfectly.

Assorted Tacos

After that I went for the Fajitas! The seasoning was absolute perfection, not overly salty, with plenty of flavors and even a little spice. The cheese was perfection when combined with the meats and peppers. Typically I would make my fajita into a taco, but obviously, i needed to watch my intake.

LIndo Fajita

I tried the chili Relleno next and wasn’t a huge fan. It wasn’t bad just not a flavor that I prefer. It had somewhat of an earthy flavor to it. It was a fried pepper stuffed with meat, rice, peas, and some other vegetables. Kind of like a Mexican shepherd’s pie or stuffed cabbage. I enjoyed every bit of the inside of the dish just not the wrapping or sauce.

Chili Relleno

Lastly, I had the beef torta! This was just a huge old sandwich, with meat, guacamole, and cream with veggies. The bread was super light and fluffy and even though the sandwich was ginormous it was easy to get a huge bit in without dislocated a jaw. Once I was done I packed up the meal and headed home to enjoy the leftovers with the kiddos.


If you are ever in the Merritt Island area and craving some quality Mexican food hit up Mi Mexico Lindo. Everything was tasty and delicious, I highly recommend the fajitas and churros. Be sure to wash it all down with a red horchata and you will be set!

Until Our Next Adventure Foodies & Travelers!

Great Food At Mi Mexico Lindo!

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